A boutique Human Resources consulting firm guiding organizations and individuals to enhanced purpose and performance


We are a boutique Human Resources consulting firm guiding organizations and individuals to enhanced purpose and performance through progressive, thoughtful and modern HR business practices.

Based in Vancouver & Victoria, situated on the incomparable West Coast of Canada, purposeHR was developed to serve start-ups and small to mid-sized organizations that need support navigating the ‘business of people and culture’.

We exist to elevate people and purpose-centric workplaces.

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We are passionate about partnering with businesses to design, build and implement people practices that will deliver on company objectives and enhance the employee experience. We are equally passionate about helping individuals with career planning, coaching and guidance on their professional journey. 


Our 15 years of experience across a variety of industries allows us to bring perspectives from myriad phases of business - from start-up to mid-size global, through large-scale enterprise, private to public.

Our values guide our work, and your experience: 



We strive for continuous improvement, excellence is our end goal



(In a good way!) We are athletic in our roots, and thrive off determination, strategic planning and an unparalleled work ethic



We are centered on human connection, connecting to purpose and meaningful partnerships with great businesses



Meghan Nichol, CPHR

Founder & Principal

Meghan is a strategic HR professional and a results-driven leader fostering organizational success through talent. She contributes passionately as a team player, a team builder and in a leadership role. 


Her 15 years of strategic start-up HR and business management experience has been centered around three pillars: building meaningful relationships, harnessing potential in others and ensuring people and culture initiatives are in line with company objectives.


Meghan has spent the majority of her HR career helping to scale digital media and technology companies, while also spending some time in the wealth management industry.

Previous to her current role as the Head of HR at Redlen Technologies, a Canon Inc. company that is an industry leader based on their proprietary Cadmium Zinc Telluride precision radiation detection and imaging technology, Meghan spent seven years as the Head of HR at BroadbandTV (TSX: BBTV), a digital media and technology company that she helped grow from start-up phase through to a successful IPO; the largest IPO on the TSX with a sole female founder and CEO.

'When I put my team of super heroes together, Meghan gets cape #1.'

- J.W., Leader and Marketing Executive


She worked with the Leadership team to design and execute strategic HR programs and closely partnered with BBTV’s Founder & CEO to deliver on the company’s commitments across three of BBTV’s four quadruple bottom lines – people, social and environmental. Together, they evolved the traditional HR portfolio towards one that drove the company’s desired impact on its employee, local and global communities. Empowering women leaders in digital media and technology was a leadership priority and, as a result, Meghan was able to support the growth of the women population at BBTV from 14% – 47%, with over 50% women representation at the management level. Her work while at BBTV was recognized for two HR award nominations at a national level.


She has held mentorship and coaching positions throughout her personal and professional life. She holds an honours diploma in HR, along with the CPHR post-graduate professional designation in human resources management and a leadership certificate from Queen’s University.


A passionate athlete, and all-around sports fan, Meghan was a competitive dancer and soccer player throughout her life. Currently, the majority of her athletic pursuits are spent running, cycling and playing tennis on the west coast of Canada where she lives with her family, and her dog, Roger Federer.



Some of the business challenges we can help solve:

HR program design and implementation

Learning and Leadership development

Career and professional development planning

Change management and transformation

Recruitment and resource planning for scaling businesses

Policy design

Employer brand development and maintenance

Onboarding and offboarding

Culture, values and team-building work

Performance management

Employee and corporate communications

Corporate social responsibility program design and implementation


We exist to elevate people and purpose-centric workplaces.


Career services for individuals looking to find purpose out of their next step:

Career planning and professional development goal setting

Resume and cover letter rejuvenation

Linkedin profile review and personal brand planning

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Service engagements we offer:



Pay as you go, or buy a bulk amount of hours



Pay a retainer per project or deliverable



Pay for supplemental HR support



Pay for HR leadership support (contract base)

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Just ask. We understand that every business is unique, and we customize our services accordingly. Your success is our success, and together we can co-create the future you envision.



'Meghan is a one-of-a-kind people and culture leader.


I had the pleasure of working alongside Meghan during the high-growth years at BBTV. She brought her experience, strategic thinking and intellect to build out an HR function that not only supported the scaling up of the company but also instilled a progressive and positive company culture.


Her ability to think on a foundational level shows in her ability to build out key HR programs that support a company operationally, yet her humanity-forward approach really helps elevate people, their morale and ultimately their performance.


And through my own career tangles and twists, Meghan has been a source of clarity and guidance on helping me define my own path forward. I have a lot to thank Meghan for and I’m honoured to call her a life-long colleague and friend. Any team would be lucky to have her.'



C.O.O, Electrum Charging
Strategy, Operations, Marketing Executive




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